The forecasts are taken from MetEye every 3 hours, starting at 01:45. Past forecasts can be selected from the history page.

The RASP data is the Thermal Updraft Velocity.

User Data

No user data is ever sent to the website, with all filtering and sorting being performed locally within the browser. Even though your location is never sent to the website, most browsers require the use of HTTPS for the geolocation APIs to work.

Bookmarking Views

As all filters are encoded in the URL, you can use bookmarks to save favourite sets of sites and filters, e.g.

To only show ACT sites:

To sort by site:

Support and Feedback

For support and feedback please Email Phil -

Change Log

2018-02-15 Added Show Distance option.
2017-12-28 Added Hide Early/Late values option.
2017-11-20 Added Paraglider option.
2017-06-30 Added Info page.
2017-06-30 Fixed Ocean Grove URLs.
2017-06-25 Added OBS URL for Blackheath.
2017-06-09 Updated ACT OBS URLs.
2017-05-29 Added OBS URL to Ben Nevis.
2017-05-27 Added Potters Road, Fisher Street, Grossard Point and Rhyll.
2017-04-24 Added Tongarra and Cambewarra.
2017-04-15 Updated to v8.
2017-04-15 Added access-log to package.json.
2017-04-15 Updated for title option.
2017-04-14 We now log requests to run/access.log. This needs to be a rw mount now.
2017-04-14 The title can now be set in the sites.json file.
2017-04-14 Added Landscape.
2017-03-18 First cut.